About us

Welcome to the world of Topa’s Chin-Chin. We are a family-owned business committed to bringing you delightful treats in exciting flavors. We take pride in our culinary skills as the recipe for our Chin-Chin was passed down two generations. We use only the best ingredients to bring our art and craft to the all-around perfect little cookies that will get you hooked!

We started with making the traditional original version (no flavor) and gradually incorporated our contemporary flavors to the delight of our patrons. Since then, we have gradually expanded both in flavors and sizes.

Topa’s Chin-Chin is a project, a memorial established in honor of our beloved brother Tonna (Topapa) and hence the name “Topa’s.” The proceeds from this project go into supporting families in need by putting food on their tables and sending kids back to school.

We are committed to bringing you these cute little cubes of goodness as your support and patronage help us to change lives one bite at a time.

With Topa’s Chin Chin you are not just enjoying your favorite snack, you are changing lives!